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Our People

Our staff of professionals is trained in everything from the latest medical care and therapies to healthy and delicious meal preparation. Yet we make room for compassionate connections with residents to take precedence over the necessities of our job descriptions.

We are skilled professionals, yes. And we are here to connect with you in the spontaneous moments that make your life (and ours) more meaningful.

June Nadolny

Executive Director: June Nadolny

June has more than 17 years experience in senior living. She began as a caregiver, was promoted to manager and worked alongside the Health and Wellness Director before she moved into the Executive Director role seven years ago.

"I lead by example. I was on the front lines as a caregiver, so I understand where they are coming from and support them in every way possible. The culture of our building and team is very important to me. Traditions supports that culture with resources and specialized training that makes us unique and helps us serve our residents with excellence. I love when we can help adult children enjoy their parents again, when they don't have to be consumed with caregiving. I work to bring consistency and structure to our residents on a day-to-day basis so they feel safe and well cared for and families have peace of mind. Communication is very important to helping everyone feel heard, loved and important."

June and her fiancé live in Essexville and stay busy raising their family of five children including their two youngest who are twins.

Lauren Sebald

Community Relations Director: Lauren Sebald

Lauren holds a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and a Master of Public Health from Saginaw Valley State.

"From personal experience, it is not easy being a caretaker to a loved while balancing life. I enjoy reaching out to seniors and families to let them know their options and help them make sense of next steps. Adult children can find relief in rediscovering their relationship as child and parent when they are not in the role of full-time caregiver. Especially when we are here to keep their parents safe, comfortable, functional, and often even flourishing. That makes my heart happy."

Lauren was born and raised in the area and loves her all-black German Shepherd named Frankie.

Director of Resident Care / West Campus: Sergio Betancourt

Sergio has earned promotions to various care-related positions with our community and has learned the business along the way.

"I learned early on that I have a natural ability for this job. I love managing the care staff and making sure the residents' needs are being met. It's always been rewarding to gain the trust of residents and their families. They're often hesitant to move from their family home and into our community. I'm overcome with joy when they tell me that they are happy they're here. We always strive to provide a peaceful and loving environment where our residents feel safe and secure. We go out of our way to make sure that they are involved and socializing, and I'm constantly looking for even better ways to meet their needs."

Sergio was born and raised in Saginaw and is the youngest of four children.

Erriesha Dunnaway

Memory Care Manager / Main Campus: Erriesha Dunnaway

Erriesha has her CNA certification and is currently enrolled in the Delta College Nursing program. She has more than 17 years experience in managing assisted living and memory care.

"Caring for others means we build genuine relationships, and that begins by treating others with dignity and respect. We are here to be a comfort and trusted resource during times of transition, always offering support and opportunities for communication and connection. This applies to our residents and their families, who we are here to serve and support as well."

Erriesha was born in Saginaw and grew up between Elkhart, Indiana and Saginaw. She has a dog, Bella, and three sisters with whom she spends most of her free time.

Geralyn Ann Turner

LPN - Facility Nurse / Main Campus: Geralyn Ann Turner

Geri has her Associate degree in Applied Science from Great Lakes College, her LPN from Davenport University and more than 25 years experience in senior living and health care.

"I started working as a kitchen aid at Community Village when I was 18 years old. At that time, I didn't know where my career would lead. But when I started college to be a Medical Assistant, I knew I wanted to focus on working with the elderly. I have a passion for serving people and providing care that I hope someone would provide to me. I believe in our team and in working together to give our residents and their families confidence and comfort in the care we provide for them."

Geri was born and raised in Saginaw. She is married, has four grown children and four grandchildren.

Cathy Aiello

Life Enrichment Director / West Campus: Cathy Aiello

Cathy started working in the medical field as a Nursing Assistant when she was just 18, and she fell in love with seniors. When she was offered the opportunity to work as a Life Enrichment Director in a senior living community, she was thrilled.

"Life Enrichment became my passion almost instantly. I love keeping people engaged and active. Grumpy, stubborn men are my favorites. If I can get through the top layer to connect with them, my day is complete. When I walked into this building for the first time, I felt welcomed right away and was impressed with how everyone was so friendly. The building and grounds are clean and beautiful. I would not hesitate to have a family member or even myself move in here."

Cathy is married to a wonderful man and has two sons, one daughter, five grandchildren and one great-granddaughter.

Life Enrichment Director / Main Campus : Victoria Lee

Victoria has more than 25 years experience in senior care, her Certified Nursing Assistant Certificate from Delta College, as well as certifications in Person-centered Planning, Core Values and Elder Care.

"I want to make each person in our community feel so special that they feel like they're on my team of favorites! I plan around each individual and how we can have an enjoyable experience together. I absolutely love bringing smiles, joy and sunshine to our residents' days. I'm rewarded by every laugh, hug and conversation, and love to hear from families about how happy their loved ones are in our community."

Victoria was born and raised in Saginaw and has been married to her husband for 30 years. They have four adult children and two granddaughters.

Chef and Kitchen Manager / West Campus: Jay Brenay

Jay holds a Business Management Associate degree from Delta College and an Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts from Schoolcraft College. He received his first culinary certification from Bay-Arenac ISD in 2000.

"I have been working in a kitchen since I could properly hold a knife. My mother was a chef and culinary instructor and owned two successful catering and cake-making businesses, so I grew up working alongside her. Catering, baking and cooking is really about communicating and caring through delicious food. At Traditions of Saginaw, we take care of the people who live in this community. This is their home, and we are here to give them the best experience we possibly can."

Jay and his wife, Becky, have been married for 19 years and have two fantastic kids, Isabella (18) and Jayden (15).

Patrick McWright

Chef and Assistant Kitchen Manager / Main Campus: Patrick McWright

Patrick has been cooking professionally for more than 17 years and is ServSafe certified.

"I grew up in a home where cooking was always a loving and special thing. Over time, I naturally progressed and turned my passion into a career I love. I enjoy being able to creatively and freely express myself through cooking, especially when I see smiles in the dining room."

Patrick was born and raised in Saginaw and is the proud dad to two teenage daughters.

Dan Maldonado

Maintenance Director / West Campus: Dan Maldonado

When Dan retired from the fire service after 25 years, he spent a year relaxing, then felt like he had so much more energy and passion to share.

"I love the team we've assembled here. I am a big clown, and I love putting a smile on the faces of our residents. I'm an awesome, upbeat person, full of energy and I try to pass on my passion for life to everyone around me. We continue to train with our team members so we are always improving together. I can assure you that when you have a loved one in our care, they will be in good hands. I will make sure of it."

Dan and his wife have been married for 38 years and have three amazing children. Jessica Ann is a graduate of the University of Michigan, Cody Charles a graduate of Northwood University and Nicolas Laredo is in the United States Army. Brownie the cat and Cali the German Shepherd round out their family.

Nichole Brewer

Administrative Assistant: Nichole Brewer

Nichole was born and raised in Saginaw, MI. She has also lived in Pontiac, Midlan, and Chicago, but ultimately returned home to Saginaw where her parents live.

She is the oldest of 4 siblings (2 brothers and 1 sister). She has 2 nephews and 5 nieces, is a mom of 2 daughters, and has 2 fur babies along with her 5 bonus children. She and her husband Drell have been married since 2016. If she is not at work, you will find her with her family!

Nichole received her BBA in Marketing & Management from Northwood University.

Nichole's passion is to ensure that the residents are well cared for, heard, and valued. She is a team player and enjoys helping in all aspects of the business. "The more I know and understand, the better advocate I can be." She has previous management and HR experience.

Meagyn Pratt

Business Office Manager / West Campus: Meagyn Pratt

Meagyn graduated from Saginaw Valley State with a double major in Health Science and Communication and holds a Master of Science in Administration and Health Services from Central Michigan. She interned with Covenant Medical Center both in their Business Development and brand-new Telehealth departments. Meagyn has served in a variety of roles in health care since graduating high school, including housekeeper/companion for the elderly, private in-home caregiver for a patient with dementia, medication passer, receptionist, front desk manager and her current position.

"I have always been drawn to healthcare, but I think this path chose me. I started working as a private-duty caregiver for a gentleman with dementia, and when he eventually had to move to a memory care community, I got a job in the same community to continue working with him. I fell in love with the assisted living/memory care setting. I love the human connections I make every day. In this profession, we see people at their most vulnerable and it's a huge responsibility and privilege to support them through the tough stuff. I fully embrace those moments, including becoming the default technology resource here. Everyone knows to come to me, and they treat me like a wizard, which is always rewarding!"

Meagyn was born and raised in Saginaw County and comes from a small, close-knit family. Her parents have been in their respective careers for more than 30 years, and her younger sister is working on her Bachelor's in Microbiology at Saginaw Valley State. Meagyn just purchased her first house in the town of Saginaw in 2020.

Kayla Pilar

Front Desk Manager / Main Campus: Kayla Pilar

Kayla is a certified dental assistant and has completed Healthcare Environmental Services (EVS) training. She recently moved from Housekeeping Supervisor to Front Desk Manager while having the flexibility to explore different tasks and continuing to build connections with residents and families.

"This community feels like home. The best part of my day is when residents come sit at the front desk or I see them with other team members sharing stories, a meal or listening to music together. I especially love that residents (and family members) feel comfortable talking with me and that I get to be here for them when they need me."

Kayla and her husband have been married for close to five years. They have three children together, and Kayla has a 'bonus son'--two boys and two girls who keep them busy with plenty of activities.